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Susan Roberts
Edisto Island, South Carolina
Photography / Nature

Susan Roberts first became interested in photography as a hobby nearly 30 years ago, but soon found her photos illustrating magazine articles and books about boating. She began to study photography seriously and by the early 1980s, Susan had a darkroom in her home and was processing and printing her own black and white images.

Although she had to give up her darkroom in 1989 when she moved aboard a sailboat with her husband to spend six years cruising up and down the U.S. East Coast, to the Bahama Islands and down into the Caribbean including South and Central America, she took advantage of the expanded horizons to hone her photographic skills.

After making landfall on Edisto Island, South Carolina in 1996, Susan began focusing her camera's lens on the natural and manmade beauty of the Carolina coastal area. While the low country remains the primary focus of her work, she has recently begun broadening her geographic scope.

In the year 2000, Susan began offering her work to the public, first as photo note cards and subsequently as enlargements suitable for framing. Since that time, her work has come to grace the homes and/or offices in more than 35 states, three provinces of Canada and four countries in Europe.

Susan says, "my goal, my continual challenge as an artist, is to seek out transcendent moments in light and time in the everyday world and capture them with my camera so that their impact on me can be felt by those who will be viewing the resulting photographs. I see my photographs as a combination of what was actually there, my particular artist's viewpoint, and my presentation of that reality."